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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?


Raising the Bar in All Areas of Life with Dr. Jay LaGuardia

In this episode, Dr. Plasker interviews fellow chiropractor, health care entrepreneur, husband, father, and grandfather, Dr. Jay LaGuardia, about how you can raise the bar in all areas of your life. Dr. Jay is living proof that you can make this happen, and he passionately shares his experiences.

Founder of the Triple P Life, Power, Passion, and Prosperity, Dr. Jay enjoys making a difference and connecting people with their core values.

If you have a family and find it challenging to achieve the success and balance you are looking for, this episode will make the difference.

Dr. Eric and Dr. Jay explore specific strategies, core values, and life experiences relevant to anyone who knows they are capable of more. Both have been married 32 years and are passionate about sharing their secrets to longevity in these areas.

Enjoy this podcast! You will get great insights and be inspired.


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