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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?


Mom of Autistic Child Speaks Out!

Stephanie Renner is an awesome mom. Her life changed forever when she took her son to the Pediatrician for his “mandated” vaccines. Yes, the vaccine that was recommended by her doctor and the CDC. Within 48 hours, adorable little Zane was no longer the same child and is now on the autism spectrum.
Dr. Eric Plasker interviews Stephanie about her experience of heartbreak, guilt, activism, and solutions that every parent can benefit from and empathize with.
With new vaccines being mandated along with religious and personal exemptions being removed, Stephanie’s heartfelt, eye-opening story is more important than ever to get out.
Millions of families have similar experiences and are searching for answers. This episode gives an overview of what life is like for a family with a child on the spectrum due to vaccine injury. This is a must-listen if you are planning on becoming a parent and have questions about vaccinating your child. It is important now more than ever to make sure your voice is heard to stop the mafia-style mandates being bullied through congress by the drug companies.

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