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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?


Health, Service and Leadership with Dr. Todd Muncy

Dr. Todd Muncy has become a local celebrity through his traditional and social media TV segments delivering practical messages of health and service.
Dr. Plasker and Dr. Muncy discuss a wide range of topics that are very practical during this unusual time including the current virus situation, how you can become a least vulnerable person, the destruction of monuments, his military service, raising a family, the critical transition from Crisis Care to Lifestyle Care, and much more.
Dr. Muncy is very down to earth, real, caring person who shares this message from a deep, heartfelt place.
A 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate Chiropractor, Dr. Muncy has been practicing since 2001 in Briston, VA where he and his wife Beth moved to live and raise their beautiful family.
Enjoy this educational and meaningful episode.

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