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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?


Escaping Political Oppression for a Better Life

Dr Eric Plasker Interviews Dr. Sima Goel, Author of Fleeing the Hijab

Dr. Sima Goel was a teenager growing up in Iran at the time of the Ayatollah Khomeini takeover. She was persecuted and had to flee for her life.

Her incredible story will touch you, shock you and inspire you It speaks to the danger of racial and religious persecution, as well as the destructive nature of censorship and overreaching power of government.

Dr. Sima Goel’s perseverance is extraordinary and she is now living her 100 Year Lifestyle in Canada. Author of her autobiography Fleeing the Hijab, her book is a detailed account of her incredible journey. Sima arrived in Canada, penniless, unable to speak either English or French, having no family members other than her sisters with whom she had traveled. Despite suffering severe culture shock, she still found the strength to do what it took to become a Canadian, and worked, scrimped and saved for her education. After many years, she became a successful professional, fulfilling the dream of freedom that had fueled her youthful political protests, her flight into danger, her years of insecurity and her determination to help others.

Dr. Sima Goel has been practicing chiropractic since 1994. She obtained her wellness certification in 2006 and is currently working toward a degree in functional neurology. Dr. Sima Goel has shared her journey in many cities, such as New York, Philadelphia, Florida, Windsor and Montreal. She has also been an outstanding speaker in many organizations, from the Pink lady Woman of Action for ICRF, Cote St-Luc Library, CJA Mini Tune-Up for Freedom, CJAD and many more. Dr. Goel gives workshops on optimum health and well-being and writes a weekly column on health and wellness for a local newspaper. Dr. Goel lives in Montreal, Canada, with her loving husband and her two energetic teenage sons.


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