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Moms Shocking Glyphosate Discovery May Save A Generation of Kids

Zen Honeycutt is the founder and Executive Director of Moms Across America. Their shocking Glyphosate discovery may literally save a generation of children. In her recent interview with Dr. Eric Plasker she describes the ubiquitous nature of Glyphosate and how independent lab tests found that this proven, toxic substance was found in 5 out of 5 va((ines. This means that we may literally be injecting “probable carcinogens” into our babies and pregnant moms. With new mandates on the table in every state and country, this call to action is vital and we need to act now. Monsanto/Bayer just paid out a $10 billion settlement to thousands of plaintiffs and there are tens of thousands of additional lawsuits pending. You can watch or listen to the entire interview here now, on our social media pages and podcast. And spread the word. Our children’s lives may depend on it.

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