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Gold Medal Secrets of Aligned Athletes

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The Aligned Athlete documentary is out and it is inspiring athletes of all ages and skill levels to perform at higher levels, stay healthier, prevent injuries, and lengthen their careers.

In this episode, Dr. Eric Plasker interviews Olympic and World Champion LaShawn Merritt about his record-setting career and how he was able to sustain excellence over 16 years. We also interview the producer of the film, Dr. Eric Gorman, who was a high-level athlete himself and whose father was one of the chiropractic pioneers that worked with Dr. Leroy Perry to break into high-level sports. And we also interview Dr. Cory Plasker, Division 1 soccer player and National Champion youth soccer player who has utilized chiropractic care his entire life to optimize his career and prevent injury.

The awareness you will get from this interview will improve the quality of your life forever if you want to stay fit, healthy, and active your whole life. If you want to set personal bests at any age, you will be inspired. If you want to keep your kids fit and give them a competitive edge this interview is a must.

There is an article in the current issue of Masters of Health Magazine by Dr. Paul Weeks about this topic. Dr. Weeks is the team chiropractor for his local high school in Dothan, AL.

Every major sports team at every level now has a chiropractor on staff or on call. Now is the chance for you to find out why. These stories are awesome. You will love this fun and entertaining session.

Here’s to living and performing at 100 percent for 100 years.


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