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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?


Becoming 100 Percent of What You Can Be

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Dr. Darrell Voschke has been helping people in his community get to 100 percent of their potential at Active Health Chiropractic in Stephens City, VA since 2006. A 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate Office, Dr. Darrell and his wife Dr. Gretchen have been raising their family with these principles and inspiring their community with their quality care and strong leadership.

Two years ago, Dr. Darrell had an accident that forced him to test these principles to ensure his own healing. His story is inspiring.

In this episode, Dr. Darrell and I discuss…

  • 100 Percent for 100 Years
  • Raising Healthier Kids and Families
  • Going from Crisis Care to Lifestyle Care
  • Healthier Going In, Healthier Coming Out
  • Being 100 Percent of What You Can Be

These inspiring concepts will make great discussions over the dinner table, by the water cooler, and on video calls as more and more people deal with health issues due to poor lifestyle choices or injuries. Share this message with everyone you know. It will make a difference for them and change their life.

Drs. Darrell and Dr. Gretchen have three children who they are raising in this lifestyle and thriving. They are committed to helping more and more families do the same. 


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