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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?


From Communism to Contribution with Dr. Eddy Diaz

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Sure, a spontaneous total power outage on the island of Puerto Rico could affect the sound quality of this interview, but it could not stop us from delivering this very important and powerful message.  

Dr. Eddy Diaz was born in Puerto Rico, but his family roots are from Cuba. Dr. Diaz shares important stories about what life was like in Cuba prior to Castro, and how things changed once his communist regime took over the country.

Dr. Diaz describes how the exciting promises turned out to be propaganda as the devastation took root in his family’s native land. He talks about mandates, the changing of the coin, the oppression, the fear, the murder, and the escape to the US.

There are many similarities happening in our country today that every person must become aware of if they value their freedom for themselves and future generations.

Dr. Diaz now lives a life of contribution as a practicing chiropractor for over 25 years with offices in San Juan, Carolina, and Caguas Puerto Rico. An entrepreneur and board member in several places serving his community and profession, Dr. Diaz remembers his roots and is contributing on many levels to health care and the well-being of the planet.

He is married to his wife Neia and has three children Dr. Natasha, Dr. Eddy, and soon-to-be Dr. Luciano, who have all chosen to become chiropractors.


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