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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?


Important Insights on Choosing A College with Laurie Genevish

Parents and their college-bound kids face unique challenges today that are very different than they were a decade or two ago. This interview with Laurie Genevish of My Ideal College will help you navigate this journey with unique insights that can make the journey more fun and the results more rewarding for everyone.

Education and career choice is a key component of living your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle!

We want our kids to have a career they love but we also want to be able to live on their own and pay the bills. My Ideal College not only helps teens find careers that they will love but also have the job outlook and salary that will meet their needs. Not only that we teach your student how to network with professionals in their chosen career paths. This could lead to internships, jobs, and other unexpected and unique opportunities.

Enjoy this interview and share it with every person you know who has or will soon have a college-bound kid.


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