If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

NFL Celebrates 100th Birthday

As the National Football League celebrates its 100th season, it’s important to look back on how far it has come in all aspects of the game. Founded in 1920, the NFL was an entirely different organization than the one we know today. The players, the fans, and the game itself has changed drastically–back then, it was just a game. Today, it’s an industry, a culture and a lifestyle.

The Many Phases of Football

People today can’t imagine football players needing a second job, though many of them did back in the early days. They would work during the day and then go play at night without any practice prior to the game. Some high school football fields of today are nicer than the professional ones they had in the beginning. Now, we think of NFL fields as coliseums where athletes who belong to the $63 billion industry battle it out. 

Athletes are also changing how they care for themselves. When the NFL was just getting started, men didn’t wear as many pieces of protective equipment, therefore gaining more injuries. Players today, however, realize that in such a contact-related sport, they must have the best equipment, training and lifestyle care to optimize their performance and to prevent debilitating injuries.

Some of the biggest names in NFL history such as Jerry Rice, Tom Brady, Emmitt Smith, and Roger Craig to name a few all utilize chiropractic care as a part of their lifestyle.

They have this in part to thank for their overall health and longevity of their careers. Because of these results, players have demanded this type of chiropractic care along with their strength coaches, personal trainers and therapists. In fact, nearly every major sports team uses chiropractors to accelerate healing and optimize performance. This goes beyond the professional level and includes college and youth sports programs, too.

As the team chiropractor for the Georgia State University Men’s Soccer team, The Walton High School State Championship Team and the Alpharetta Ambush Team that won 3 state championships, 2 regional championships and the 2010 National Championship, it was inspiring to see the difference this added jolt of care made to give our teams the competitive edge, speed healing and prevent injuries. 

The NFL’s 100 is Here. Your 100 is Coming.

Think of living your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle as being similar to the NFL, minus the pads and the oval-shaped ball. It is important to adapt and make changes that support your quality of life and longevity now. While you may not expect to live to be 100, the odds are that it’s very likely to happen. Centenarians are one of the fastest growing segments of the population, so it’s time to rethink how you want the rest of your life to be.

Does being stuck in a chair for the remainder of your days or rotting away as a human preservative on 20 medications sound good to you? If you answered no, consider joining the 100 Year Lifestyle community. We are transforming health and longevity consciousness so that you and your loved ones can increase your chances of living at 100 percent for 90 to 100 years and beyond.

We understand that you’re going through changes, much like the NFL has over the years too. Now is the time to finally embrace these changes and live your best life starting today.

Set new goals and reach new heights. Think 100 percent for 100 years because your 100 is coming. You make the call!




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