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Mickey Mouse Celebrates His 91st Birthday!

There are few mice in the world more famous than that of Mickey Mouse, the legendary character created by Walt Disney. What you might not know is that Mickey, just like us, has a birthday, and it’s November 18. What do you plan on doing to celebrate this beloved animated character?

The Long Life of Mickey Mouse

It’s important to look back on the long, fruitful life Mickey has lived. He’s managed to reside in our hearts for almost 100 years now, having an impact on both children and adults everywhere. Mickey has even been brought to life on both land, ice, and screen performing in shows all over the world as well as movies and video games for the entertainment of others. Throughout the years, he’s undergone many changes to his looks, speech, actions, and even morals. Despite his many changes, this is one mouse people can’t seem to get enough of.

Going Through Changes

When Mickey was first created, his original name was Mortimer Mouse. He wasn’t always the sweet, caring mouse that we recognize today; in fact, his original character trope was that of a trickster, but overtime became the nice guy that we all know and love. Much like Mickey, you might experience different phases of your life and begin to think in ways you hadn’t before. Accept change, and try to remain the nice guy throughout life’s situations.

An Honorary Mouse

Take a look back at your life: are you satisfied with all that you have accomplished? Or are you satisfied living a complacent life? If you agree with the former sentence, then consider making the changes necessary to live the life you want to live. If Walt Disney hadn’t followed through with the release of Mickey Mouse, we wouldn’t have one of the most iconic characters to date. We wouldn’t have one of the biggest movie stars of all time. Our kids wouldn’t have someone to look up to whenever they find themselves faced with a problem.

Mickey Mouse Forever

Never stop learning and never stop changing. To celebrate and honor Mickey Mouse’s birthday this year, be the person you always knew you could be. Your 100 Year Lifestyle is waiting; are you ready to make the call?




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