If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Cardinals Cycling Team Rides for Life

The Cardinal Cycling Team started in 2014 with a humble idea between Rafael Agudelo and some friends who shared a  passion for cycling. The community rallied as Cardinal Glass Industries offered to sponsor the team, providing all of the members with a generous Cardinal Cycling Team kit. In 2017, Woodstock Chiropractic jumped on board to support the team by providing Chiropractic Lifestyle Care and contributing to the additional needs of the team. Team Cardinal is now a well-known group of riders among other cycling teams and around the community, and they are living their ideal 100 Year Lifestyle.

Team Cardinal participates mainly in local mountain bike races and they train together at least three times a week. Their rides include competitive challenges as well as long, charity rides that benefit important causes. The team averages 5,000 miles per year of both road and mountain biking combined which makes them grateful for the local bicycle experts at shops like Outspoken Bicycles. Some of their favorite trails include Blankets Creek and Rope Mill Park, both in Woodstock, GA.

In addition to sponsoring the Cardinals, Dr. Norman Colby, a 100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractor in Woodstock, GA, joined the team himself to rekindle his passion for cycling and take his fitness to new heights. Dr. Colby learned about The 100 Year Lifestyle at a pivotal time a few years prior after developing some health challenges.

“My parents were not aging well”, says Dr. Colby, “and I was watching them get sicker and sicker. Because I wasn’t taking care of myself completely, I found myself heading down the same unhealthy road as I aged. Seeing the chronic suffering that was going to come from a lifestyle of unhealthy choices was the catalyst for making the changes I knew I needed to make. After reaching almost 275 pounds, I decided to start living my 100 Year Lifestyle.” Dr. Norm, as his friends and colleagues call him, decided to eliminate the weight and get in the best shape of his life. “My commitment to my health has made me a better chiropractor, a better husband, a better father, and has me more excited about my future than ever.”

Professionally, Dr. Colby wanted to inspire more people in Woodstock, GA, and surrounding areas to experience the same results. “I wanted to help more people experience even better results with chiropractic care and change their own lives. I was looking for a congruent, motivating message and tools to take people from a Crisis Care mindset to Lifestyle Care so they would be healthier while they’re young and stay younger as they age.” Now, by getting people to understand their longevity potential and the power of this health care paradigm and their choices, Dr. Norm is helping more families in the Woodstock, GA community to raise healthy drug-free kids and function at their higher levels throughout their lifetime.

“We want people to stay healthy and live great lives”, says Dr. Colby. “Everyone should have their spine and nervous system examined by a chiropractor throughout their lifetime. Why would you wait for a crisis? It just makes sense.”

You will see Dr. Norm and his team in the community at sporting events, concerts, and many other areas around the town. You may even see Dr. Norm on a firetruck alongside other brave and underappreciated people, as he has been volunteering for Cherokee County Fire Battalion One for years.

With over 20 years of chiropractic practice experience, Dr. Norm has helped thousands of people who thought they were old when in reality, their bodies and minds were not functioning well because of problems in their nervous system known as vertebral subluxations. People with all types of health problems, even many with unknown causes, have been helped through the chiropractic care they provide in their offices.

The Cardinal Cycling Team is living their ideal 100 Year Lifestyle and demonstrating community involvement and leadership along the way. Staying healthy, and pursuing their passions with meaningful work and people is what it’s really all about. They are living theirs. Isn’t it time that you adjust your lifestyle, and live yours?




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