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100th NFL Super Bowl Is A Product Of Longevity

The 100th NFL Season is a true testament to longevity. It began this past year on Sep. 5, 2019, and is a special season because fans will soon witness history Feb. 2, when the 100th Super Bowl takes place! The Super Bowl is a time of fun, food, and family bonding. However, sometimes we can overlook the process it takes for athletes to even reach that point. 

If you make it to the Super Bowl, that translates to a full, 18-game season. In other words, for 18 consecutive weeks, athletes put their bodies through hell to be physically fit, build up their endurance, and obtain durability. Football is an extremely aggressive and demanding sport, so how can athletes stay healthy to achieve success?

Athletes Success And Endurance

Well, it starts with what you put into your body. Susan M. Kleiner, RD, former nutrition consultant for the Seattle Seahawks, said that the typical “day (for an NFL athlete) starts with as much breakfast as we can get in, consisting typically of some kind of heart whole-grain cereal, maybe a whole-grain toast, flax seeds, whole fruit. On many teams, they’re getting lots of sautéed vegetables with omelets or eggs in the morning.” 

It’s evident that feeding your body with food that has nutritional value is critical. In order to perform at the highest level, athletes can’t eat food that will slow them down or is not organic. In addition to food, it’s so important that athletes have a clear mind and are not distracted.

What Can You Do?

You can learn from this concept as well. Having a clear mind, body, and spirit will lower your stress levels and help you live longer. Stress will ruin your entire day. You can’t work the same, or even focus. There is no way NFL athletes can perform on Super Bowl Sunday if they have a million things running through their minds. Athletes have to focus on every play because one mistake can cost you a championship.

That’s how you should think too. One mistake or one distraction can knock you off your focus. The 100 Year Lifestyle wants you to be at peace and put your self-care first. Stress can destroy your health, and who wants to be stressed out while watching the Super Bowl?

We all can definitely take a lesson from athletes. Longevity means everything these days. Eat healthier, clear your mind, and you too can become a champion!




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